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18. Designing.

The total costs of the design is about $ 53.97 million

Stage of "0“. Development of baseline data for the design and preparation is performed by:

- Scientific and practical task of checking the input and output parameters of the known processes aggregates A1-10;

- Substantiates parameters created by interfacing at this stage of communication protocols;

- Gives technical the design assignment.

Cost: about 15% of design work - about $ 5.82 million Duration: about 6-12 months.

Stage of "1". Feasibility study of investment

Stage of includes all planned economic characteristics, the basic structure and Plans equipment (analog full conceptual design).

Cost: about 15% of design work - from $ 5.82 million Date of performance works 6-12 months.

Stage of "2". Project.

Stage of provides a complete documentation of all sections without detailing.

Cost: about 40% of R & D - from $ 15,530,000.

Stage of "3". Working documents (RD).

Stage of contains detailing design and engineering documentation required for use in the production of a particular manufacturer's equipment.

Cost: about 30% of R & D - from $ 11.65 million.

Finalization of project documentation and modernization.

In practice, the development and implementation of a sophisticated new high technology equipment is accompanied by the process of adjustments and refining equipment documentation.

Finalization of the documentation:

- Aggregate condition A0 to A1 - will be about 30% of the cost of designing A0 - $ 11.65 million;

- Unit A1 to A2 condition - will be about 30% completion of design documentation A1 - $ 3.5 million.

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