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Join us.Take part in the Program. production of chlorine chemical method (PCCM).

We propose a production of chlorine by chemical method without of electrolysis (hereinafter - PCCM) and without mandatory of production of alkali. "The low-temperature of method processing inorganic chlorides" (hereinafter - MPIC) allows you to save about 2400-3000 kWh of energy on each ton of chlorine, to produce at same time of chlorine-free mineral fertilizers. The general concept of the use of MPIC to produce chlorine. Ecology and energy costs. Analytical review of the market of chlorine and chlorine-free mineral fertilizer. Competition and prospects. Environmental and technological evaluation of a new direction with the use of chlorine of MPIC. Development of the original data on the design, of the reactor, equipment  of technological conversion (process) technology of MPIC  for use as a raw material of chlorides of alkali and alkaline earth elements, ammonium and iron with a sulfuric, nitric or phosphoric acid (one combination - one project). Development of supplementary technological directions of application cheap chlorine of PCCM (structural materials, chlorinated polyethylene, etc ...).

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Join us.Take part in the Program.

We would welcome your help in editing English pages on our site.

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