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A small group of scientists for a small period of time were analyzed the sources and methods the generation of waste production and consumption created by the direction of new production technologies "mature" goods of the basic industries. These basic technologies - new combinations of existing technological processes, which give a new quality: do not produce waste, produce additional commercial product, reduce energy consumption or produce energy, allow to process depleted on the target product deposits allow to process new materials, producing the conversion of waste deposits in secondary raw material base.

We are talking about the production of soda, lime, alumina, titanium, chlorine, manganese, mineral fertilizers, sugar, recycling sulfuric acid waste ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, white and red sludge, phosphogypsum, brines technogenic and natural origin, the coal dumps, passing extraction of precious and rare earth metals, etc.

New technologies (inventions) are decorated more than 100 patents of Ukraine frameworks that define new combinations of existing technological processes, but do not contain some of the subtleties of processes, representing "know-how".

Authors have ceased be engaged in registration of patents (priority) superposition of new technological processes, which are based already created options, you can create a thousand.

World of scientists and industrialists has incomparably greater intellectual, scientific and industrial potential, than a group of enthusiasts without the material and technical base.

At the same time ecology are already not withstand the presence of humanity on Earth. While maintaining the pace of increase in population and production waste of time for the existence of humanity is very short.

It is necessary to introduce new technologies, and as soon as possible, not sequentially, but in parallel and everywhere - all over the world.

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We would welcome your help in editing English pages on our site.

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